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High Wind Steel

A few years ago CMF Building Systems noticed property owners purchasing carports that were enclosed. These buildings kept getting bigger with time. Knowing that these building do not meet our standards for construction and that consumers were wanting more quality than a carport, CMF developed structures that would have no need for a structural main frame and would offer top quality and protection for your valuables.

These buildings were designed to go head to head with the carports. Soon consumers discovered that the cheap carport wasn't as cheap as they thought. Often additional, expensive work was needed because these buildings do not carry the weight on the roofs, they move with the wind and leak, most of them are installed by who knows who from who knows where, their frames are all sheet metal screwed together, and their sheeting is as lights as you can get. Also banks look to these building as sheds and will not value them very high!

CMF Building Systems has generated some standard sizes from a 12' x 18' to 24' x 24' and of course we can always build to suit your needs and with CMF you can count on your building to be an investment on your property.

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Note: All high wind steel buildings above are site built and prices include delivery and installation. Buildings are wind rated @140mph. (3 second gust) Buildings are designed all purpose. Buildings bolt to engineered concrete floor or galvanized steel deck with 3/4" screw-down plywood floor and uplift strapped. Standard buildings have one 8'x7' framed opening for over head door. Roof is 26 gauge commercial PBR. panel with galvalume finish. Wall panels are painted 26 gauge PBR. With 20 year paint warranty. Many colors to choose from. High Wind Steel Buildings will meet or exceed FBC. 2010 building codes.